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GeSS Education is thrilled to announce its sponsorship of esports on the Gold Coast as home to the new FUSE Esports Centre located at GeSS Education’s Gold Coast Campus brought to you by The FUSE Cup.  We take great pride in our involvement with the esports community and are excited to support this rapidly growing industry.

Who is The FUSE Cup?

The FUSE Cup is the leading school esports competition in the Asia Pacific, promoting a safe, inclusive, and constructive esports environment for students. It encourages teamwork, fosters positive gaming habits, and emphasizes digital wellbeing.


Key features of The FUSE Cup include:

  • Hosting esports contests for schools across the Asia Pacific, with three age divisions and multiple teams per school.
  • Organizing three yearly competitions per division, in both online and live formats.
  • Online competitions for schools outside major Australian cities, supervised by teachers.
  • Facilitating regional, state, and national tournaments, subject to travel restrictions.
  • Schools in Asia and regional Australia participate online.
  • Offering a prize pool of over $12,000, with exciting prizes at each level.
  • Implementing a Code of Conduct and a Behaviour Management Policy for players and families.
  • Using age-appropriate, non-violent console games in alignment with our values and educational standards.
  • Partnering with Kids Helpline to promote digital wellbeing.
  • Using Nintendo Switch hardware to ensure low setup costs and easy play for up to four players.

What is the FUSE Esport Centre?

Located within GeSS Education, The FUSE Esports Centre is a 15+ members only gaming centre for players to meet peers, form teams and compete in live face to face PC gaming leagues and competitions. Regular weekly leagues using some of the most popular PC games on the planet – Fortnite, Rocket League, League of Legends, Valorant and Fall Guys. Please Note: This is not part of the FUSE Cup school competition.

Supported by Allied Gaming, in partnership with GESS Education alongside the delivery of their Diploma in Sports (Coaching)*Esports Edition through TOC Australia RTO 32407. GeSS Education Diploma of Sport (Coaching) *Esports Edition students are offered complimentary use of the FUSE Esport Centre computers while they undertake their course.

How to become a FUSE Member:
  • $20 Membership Cost (One-off Fee)
  • $10/hr Playing Time
  • $90 quarterly registration player fee per professional league
What FUSE Members get:
  • Access to FUSE Esports Centre
  • Invitations to members only nights
  • Exclusive members only price draws
  • Wednesdays, 4pm-8pm: Rocket League
  • Thursday, 4pm-8pm: Valorant
  • Friday, 4pm-10pm: League of Legends

CLICK HERE for more information

Email [email protected] to express your interest.

What is Esports?

Esports, or competitive video gaming, has surged in popularity, with skilled players competing in events from local to international level. These events are often globally live-streamed.

At GeSS, we offer courses to cultivate skills in students passionate about esports, covering aspects like:

  • The significance of dedication and a healthy lifestyle in professional gaming.
  • Comprehensive insights into the profession, equipping students with skills applicable across various industries.

Despite skepticism, esports is a valid athletic pursuit, demanding strategic gameplay, rigorous training, and offering attractive opportunities in a professional gaming industry. Esports players’ dedication parallels traditional athletes.

With top players earning substantial prizes and tournaments drawing global viewers, esports, projected to generate over $1.6 billion in 2023, is an established, growing industry.

GeSS has adapted sports programs to include esports, emphasising:

  • Physical and mental fitness, nutrition, sleep habits, endurance.
  • Business skills such as marketing and management.
  • Customised esports short courses for aspiring professional gamers.

Esports has received acknowledgment as a legitimate sport by several institutions, including the International Olympic Committee, and many universities offer esports scholarships. The skill, dedication, and competitive nature required justify esports as a legitimate sport, and we’re excited to offer students the opportunity to develop critical skills in this burgeoning industry.

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