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On 20 October 2020, the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) Deputy Chief Commissioner agreed to extend the transition period of the superseded qualifications and superseded and deleted units of competency from BSB Business Services Training Package Release 6.1 until 19 April 2022.

GeSS Education can help you PLAN FOR YOUR UPGRADE NOW – BE PREPARED WELL IN TIME. As we all know, upgrade of resources is a huge task and very labour intensive. Do you have the staff available to upgrade your resources? If not, we offer an upgrade service of just $200 per unit of competency – this includes upgrading any Learner Guide, PPTs or Assessment you currently use for each of your affected units!!!

This is an exceptional offer!!!!


RTO Resources Finder - Individual Units of Competency

You can be assured that GeSS products come from writers and developers that have had extensive experience within their individual industries; along with invaluable experience writing, teaching and developing student and teacher resources over the last 20 plus years. Our passion is content; education content to be specific. Content that is focused on broadening student’s skills, abilities and knowledge.
Quality content means that students are engaged and can gain sufficient knowledge and competency in order to successfully complete assessment. This allows RTOs and Education Institutions to build on their retention and completion rates, while supporting their trainers with valuable resources. While it is imperative that all assessment is compliant, we sometimes forget that if the student is not engaged with the content of the unit; then they won’t even get to the assessment. This is why we are focused on content as well as compliant assessment.
GeSS resources consist of:

1. Learner Guide/Student Workbook:

A comprehensive Manual that consists of current content, theory, activities, exercises, referrals and case studies. It is written in distance format focusing on topics, elements, and performance criteria within the unit of competency. They are also written in a student friendly style that will encourage students to continue with their studies. All Manuals are mapped to the appropriate training package documentation. The combination of GeSS Manuals and teacher resources will cover the knowledge evidence required for each unit of competency.

2. Assessment:

Compliant or we will re-write.

3. RTO & Assessor Guide:

This guide includes student assessment, assessment mapping document, assessment benchmark answers, activity answers, result/competency sheets, and marking guides. Supplied in Word for contextualisation purposes, however ready to use in most circumstances.

4. Validation:

All Assessment goes through a Validation process and documentation can be provided upon request.

5. Teacher/Student Additional Resources:

Teacher/Student Additional Resources that allow Trainers to be ready to deliver to their class with little preparation time. GeSS teacher resources are a valuable addition for either online, classes or workshop delivery. They are also ideal as content for online resources.

Teaching/Student Additional Resources consist of a combination of the following:

  • PowerPoint presentation/s. PowerPoint presentations can be used for class presentations or uploaded to student learning management systems as on-line activities. Presentations can also be printed and used as student handouts. Each unit of competency has on average two to three PowerPoints aligned to the student workbook and in other units, further topic PowerPoints are included in the teaching resources. These topic PowerPoints can be used towards a bank of content for the qualification as a whole.
  • Student activities and exercises. These activities and exercises work well in either a face-to-face classroom delivery or via distance/on-line. Great for encouraging students to retain information from presentation.
  • Teacher notes covering PowerPoint presentation on a specific topic, along with answers to activities and exercises. Great tool for teachers if they wish to use content for on-line support programs such as Moodle or Blackboard.
  • Student handout/workbook covering in-depth knowledge on a specific topic. Ideal for Teachers to use as on-line content.
  • Suggested Readings & videos
  • Formative & Summative Assessment Activities
GeSS Team members-04

Marion Thursby, Program Manager, Sarina Russo Institute (2018)

I found GeSS Education to be very easy to work with, they actively listened to exactly what we required and produced all resources on time. Quality was exceptional and price very reasonable.
Ben Foster-Brown GeSS Education

Ben Foster-Brown, CEO TOC Australia

What I like most about GeSS Education resources is that they guarantee their assessment is compliant, in that if there is any issue at time of audit, they amend straight away in time for rectification. They are all about quality and ensuring compliance, and very easy to work with.
GeSS Team members-01

Cathy Wagner, Compliance Manager, AIHE (2018)

I love how GeSS resources are focussed not just on assessment but they also supply additional teacher resources and a comprehensive learner guide and activities.
Richard Pryor

Richard Pryor, Avodah Training Solutions

I really enjoyed working with GeSS Education in relation to validation of training and assessment materials – their adherence to quality and compliance is a testament to their passion for the VET Sector.
CHCCSM005 Develop, facilitate and review all aspects of case management
BSBOPS505 Manage organisational customer service
BSBPEF501 Manage personal work priorities and professional development
BSBPMG540 Manage project integration
HLTADM004 Manage health billing and accounting systems
BSBPMG531 Manage project time
BSBPMG530 Manage project scope
BSBPMG533 Manage project cost
BSBPMG535 Manage project information and communication
BSBFIM501 Manage budgets and financial plans
BSBPMG532 Manage project quality
BSBLDR523 Lead and manage effective workplace relationships
BSBPEF502 Develop and use emotional intelligence
BSBPMG534 Manage project human resources
BSBMED301 Interpret and apply medical terminology appropriately
HLTINF003 Implement and monitor infection control policies and procedures
CHCMGT005 Facilitate workplace debriefing and support processes
PSPGEN048 Support workplace coaching and mentoring
CHCCDE011 Implement community development strategies
BSBLDR521 Lead the development of diverse workforces
CHCCDE012 Work within organisation and government structures to enable community development outcomes
CHCDIV003 Manage and promote diversity
BSBCMM511 Communicate with influence
CHCCSM004 Coordinate complex case requirements
CHCDEV002 Analyse impacts of sociological factors on clients in community work and services
CHCGRP002 Plan and conduct group activities
CHCADV002 Provide advocacy and representation services
CHCPRP003 Reflect on and improve own professional practice
CHCDEV001 Confirm client developmental status
BSBMKG542 Establish and monitor the marketing mix
BSBOPS502 Manage business operational plans
BSBTWK503 Manage meetings
BSBOPS504 Manage business risk
BSBTWK502 Manage team effectiveness
BSBLDR522 Manage people performance
BSBMGT516 Facilitate continuous improvement
BSBPMG430 Undertake project work
BSBWHS401 Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs to meet legislative requirements
BSBLED401 Develop teams and individuals
HLTWHS004 Manage work health and safety
BSBINN301 Promote innovation in a team environment
CHCCCS007 Develop and implement service programs
CHCLEG003 Manage legal and ethical compliance
GeSS Education Internship
BSBADM311 Maintain business resources
GeSS Education Internship Students
BSBDIV301 Work effectively with diversity
Managing Projects in Business
BSBCMM511 Communicate with influence
GeSS Education - Diploma of Practice Management-02
BSBLDR522 Manage people performance
GeSS Education - Diploma of Practice Management-04
BSBPMG536 Manage project risk
BSB514415 Diploma of Project Management-03
BSBRES411 Analyse and present research information
SIS50115 Diploma of Sport and Recreation Management-04
BSBWHS307 Apply knowledge of WHS laws in the workplace
BSB51918 Diploma of Leadership and Management GESS
BSBWHS401 Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs to meet legislative requirements
SIT503616 Diploma of Event Management-outcomes-02
BSBWHS412 Assist with compliance with workplace WHS laws
BSBWHS417 Assist with managing WHS implications of return to work
GeSS Education Cert III in hospitality-01
Clustered Cleaning Units: CPCLO3009; CPPCLO3017; CPPCLO3019; CPPCLO3035 AND SITHACS001
Diploma of Leadership and Management - GeSS Education-01
CHCCOM003 Develop workplace communication strategies
SIT50316 Diploma of Event Management-04
CHCCSM005 Develop, facilitate and review all aspects of case management
GeSS Education Cert III in hospitality-04
SITHIND001 Use hygienic practice for hospitality service
SITHIND002 Source and use information on the hospitality industry
SIT50416 Diploma of Hospitality Management GESS EDUCATION Career Outcomes-04
Clustered Hospitality Units: SITXCOM002; BSBWOR203 and SITHIND004
SITXHRM001 Coach others in job skills
GeSS RTO Resources Units-38
SITXINV001 Receive and store stock
SITXWHS001 Participate in safe work practices
GeSS RTO Resources Units-42
TAEDEL301 Provide work skill instruction
SITHFAB002 - Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol - GeSS Education
SITHFAB021 Provide responsible service of alcohol
SITHGAM001 Provide Responsible Gambling Services - GeSS Education
SITHGAM022 Provide responsible gambling services


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