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Ankur Trivedi

In a professional career spanning for over 6 years, Ankur has passionately advocated change and innovation. He is passionate about providing a culture where innovation can flourish, resulting in market leadership for partner institutions and its clients. Ankur has a Bachelor’s Degree from Latrobe University Melbourne Australia and has worked with prominent Australian Universities in marketing department for 5 years. He understands the Australian culture, education and mindset. Ankur brings extensive experience in all dimensions for student recruitment and has deep functional knowledge of the industry. He presently overseas GeSS Education marketing, recruitment and communications for South Asia and is committed in making the overseas transition seamless and meaningful.

Ankur is actively involved to strategically positioning GeSS Education and its articulation partners across India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Bhutan. Ankur is based out of GeSS Education India office in New Delhi.