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TOC Australia

Global Academy – Gold Coast

Employability Skills Program

Employability Skills Program (Duration: 30 Hours)

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Computer Skills Program - Intermediate (Duration: 120hrs, OR 30 hours per unit)

$500 OR $120 per unit
Office Skills Program

Office Skills Program (Duration: 120 Hours)

Customer Service Skills

Customer Service Skills (Duration: 30 Hours)

Website Coding

Website Coding (Duration: 30 Hours)

Python Coding

Python Coding - Basic (Duration: 30 Hours)

Corporate Survival Basics & Working in a Diverse Workplace

Corporate Survival Basics & Working in a Diverse Workplace (Duration: 30 Hours)

Manage Client Flow – Health Sector

Manage Client Flow – Health Sector (Duration: 30 Hours)

Support Workplace Coaching

Support Workplace Coaching (Duration: 30 Hours)

Medical Terminology

Medical Terminology (Duration: 30 Hours)

Managing Projects in Business

Managing Projects in Business (Duration: 30 Hours)

Staff Management Essentials

Staff Management Essentials (Duration: 30 Hours)

The Law and Healthcare

The Law and Healthcare (Duration: 30 Hours)

Tips for Writing a Novel

Tips for Writing a Novel (Duration: 30 Hours)

Confident entrepreneur designer sitting in his office space

Small Business – Foundation Skills Course


GeSS Education offers the following Professional Development Workshops:
• The Marketing Mix
• Marketing a Service
• The Promotional Marketing Mix
• The Basics of Selling
• Accounting Principles
• Essentials of Budgeting
• International Trade & Australian Taxation
• Planning Sales Operations
• Directing and Evaluating the Sales Team
• The Business Plan: Creating and Starting the Venture
• Introduction to Marketing
• Develop and Implement a Strategic Plan
• Managing Organisational Change
• Manage Project HR and Project Time
• Organisational Leadership Skills
• The Project Coordinator Program
• Work intensively with clients in the community services sector
• Work effectively in the community services sector
• Work with people with mental health issues
• Apply understanding of mental health issues and recovery processes
• Work effectively with culturally diverse clients and co-workers
• Facilitate links with other services in the community services sector

Advance your career with our professional development workshops, created especially to help you improve your professional skills.