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GeSS Education offers a variety of Vocational Education and Training (VET) accredited course by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) to domestic high school based students to help with Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) credit points and Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) scores as pathways into University including VET Guaranteed Admission Entry into a select range of Griffith University degrees. These courses listed below can be undertaken from grade 10 for any Certificate level courses and 11 or 12 for Certificate and Diploma level courses.


• A Diploma can earn you up to 8 QCE points and a Certificate can earn you up to 4 QCE points.
• If you are completing ATAR subjects at high school – you can complete a Diploma to gain a 82 ATAR, Certificate IV can gain a 74 ATAR and a Certificate III can gain a 68 ATAR. This awarded ATAR will be increased through your QTAC university applications. If you are applying to Griffith University or QUT it will be increased to their awarded 87 ATAR for completed Diplomas.
• If you are NOT completing ATAR subjects at school, you can still achieve the following ATAR scores through successful completion of your GeSS Education courses:
    • Griffith University: 87 ATAR (Diploma) 74 ATAR (Certificate IV) 68 ATAR (Certificate III) *Griffith University offers VET Guaranteed Admission for a wide range of Bachelor programs upon completion of students Certificate III, IV and Diploma programs. More information here – https://www.griffith.edu.au/apply/guaranteed-admission-scheme
    • Southern Cross University: 75 ATAR (Diploma) 73 ATAR (Certificate IV) 67 ATAR (Certificate III)
    • Bond University: 78 ATAR (Diploma) 74 ATAR (Certificate IV)
    • QUT:  87 ATAR (Diploma) 74 ATAR (Certificate IV) 68 ATAR (Certificate III)
    • UQ: *Please note UQ unfortunately, do not accept VET qualifications for year 12 school leavers as a standalone rank.
*These ATAR awards are correct as of 2023.



CLICK HERE to see the full list of GeSS Education University Pathways with Griffith University, Torrens University, Southern Cross University, University of Southern Queensland, Bond University and James Cook University. ‘Articulation’ means credits available from your Diploma towards the Bachelor degree taking off up to 1 year off select degrees.
Email [email protected] for high school course costs, duration, flyers and how we can create a pathway plan for you.

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