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Benefits of face-to-face training in today’s digital world

“The benefits of face-to-face training cannot be overstated!” said Ms Russell, Managing Director of GeSS Education – Gold Coast campus. “While we have spent 7 years developing student resources designed for Online delivery, we have always made sure that extensive face-to-face teaching resources were included, this is because the majority of people learn through social means.”

There is no doubt that classroom activities and group work enhance students’ ability to communicate with fellow students socially and during that process, they learn both content and how to network. However, the art of networking in the traditional sense of attending business functions and the like can sometimes be quite intimidating for people who are not extroverts. Yet the opportunity to establish relationships is essential.

“Successful businesses or careers do not happen without understanding the value of genuine relationship building” says Ms Russell. “therefore, our new campus at Australia Fair with its combination of traditional and open plan classrooms is designed to encourage students to develop lifelong friendships within a diverse student cohort.”

While colleges must have classroom-based delivery for their international students due to student visa regulations, the growing trend has been for the domestic market to choose the Online option. However, the completion rates for online learning are lower. Yet, Vocational Education and Training (VET) received an 89% overall satisfaction rate in the International student survey conducted by the Department of Education and Training in 2018. With over 90% of international students satisfied with their teaching and learning support strategies.

As announced by Immigration Minister, David Coleman, the Gold Coast is now included in the Australian Regional Migration Program. This will open the door to easier migration to the Gold Coast for international students and skilled workers. With international students preferring to study with local students, the opportunity is ripe for local students to build their networks.

“Local students need to embrace studying within diverse classrooms to maximise their opportunity to graduate with established relationships essential for future careers” says Ms Russell “especially with up to one million Australians living and working overseas, our local students need to think outside the box and not just think about employment in Australia but think globally.”

The challenge for GeSS Education and other institutions who deliver both face-to-face and Online programs is to provide that social environment for students to flourish and develop strong bonds with their fellow students, whether it be through traditional classrooms or through virtual and digital means.

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