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Barry Stanford (left) and Glenn Getty (right)

Barry Stanford – Certificate III in Individual Support

Why I choose to study a courses at GeSS Education?

GeSS Education was recommended to me as a training provider that could meet all the needs for me to complete Certificate III in disability and aged care.

Just before Covid 19, closed the borders and the education training establishments, I left my previous position in the retail industry. I was no longer happy doing what I was doing and so found that I wanted to enter the disability and aged care sector. I am more interested in disability care and have other family members active in this type of work.

During the period of time that Covid 19 closed everything down, I checked out many education providers with a view of reaching a goal I had set for myself.

I was surprised that GeSS Education not only provided the courses for me to reach the Certificate III I require, but also has equipment that is used within disability and aged care, so that we can practice using them. When I discussed with GeSS Education about what was required of me, they were very clear and open about what was required including doing placement training. What seemed to make GeSS standout here was that they organise the actual placement training for me, it is not left to me to find it. Without this placement I would not complete the course, The fact its arranged for me, was a plus. I also liked the way I was treated by everyone at GeSS Education, They took the time to explain everything I needed to know and listened to my concerns and addressed them in a very professional manner. The Trainer has a vast knowledge of the subject and explains it in an easy way to understand, always ready to give a little one on one if needed. GeSS Education seemed to show a friendly and very professional team and showed me a lot of respect, despite my age of 62 years.

That was the reason I chose GeSS Education I have been with them for almost 2 months now and I have had nothing but a great experience and encouragement since I commenced my course.

What I hope to achieve after graduation?

What I hope to achieve after graduation is to be better informed and have a better set of skills to be able to work in the disability and aged care system. My goals is to obtain employment as soon as possible, and being able to prove to people out there that I have what it takes to effective work with people with disabilities. I am hoping that I will obtain a position of employment long before my graduation. Really speaking I hope to achieve as much before my graduation as I will after it. It is important to me to find a position where I can work with others that need help in many different ways. This could be by creating work plans or assisting in implementing things to improve the life of a person with a disability. To do this I need to learn all that I can about how I can best perform these tasks. The training will be the start of what I need to learn, The rest I will learn as I work with those that can give me the best training the people with the disability or the aged care person. I do not see my age as a disability or as something that should prevent me for working in the disability and aged care section of the work force. My age gives me an advantage, in that I may understand the age community better because I am close to their age, and the younger disability person’s well I have almost a life time of experience which may be of help to them.  What do I hope to achieve after graduation? Knowledge and to make those people that will have invested so much of their time in me. To be proud of me and what I achieve both before and after graduation.

Glenn Getty – Certificate III in Individual Support

Why I choose to study a courses at GeSS Education?

I was stood down from my casual job in March this year due to the pandemic.  And since I worked in a tourism industry that  depends on International visitors, I have now been terminated last month because I believe international traveling will not begin again in the near future and is a long time away before returning. Being able to work and be productive is very important to me. Since my interests all my life have been in health care and helping others, I began looking for a Cert degree in this satisfying field where there is a need for qualified staff to work within Home and Community Support Facilities for Aged Care and Clients with Disabilities.

I looked at several educational programs that provide this type of training and chose GeSS for several reasons.  First, the campus is located in Southport and close to my home.  Second , The campus has up to date classrooms conducive to learning. Thirdly, up to date new equipment in the lab to learn how to safely move patients, Fourth, excellent knowledgeable instructors  who have worked in the field. And Fifth, friendly staff who are available to assist you through personal and/or school related road bumps. The program at Gess seems seamless in that students can start in the program weekly and work through the modules quickly.   There is also the option of working at their own speed.   I believe the only requirement is that the program must be completed in one year.

What I hope to achieve after graduation?

My goal is to work with clients who need assistance/support with their disability. Since my family is familiar with Muscular Dystrophy ( a genetic disease that causes progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass) I want to work with these client conditions. And there are many other diseases that affect the neuromuscular systems such as Motor Neuron Disease, Cerebral Palsy, epilepsy, etc. In the past, patients who were disabled were not always given the opportunity to live their lives in satisfying and meaningful ways. Fortunately, that is ending and their right to a happy productive life is emerging. And I look forward to helping these clients achieve that. in the near future.