GeSS Education is Queensland’s newest, state-of-the-art education campus that is setting the standard in new-age learning.

Based on the Gold Coast, in a brand new, custom-designed campus in the iconic Australia Fair and bordered by Australia’s most beautiful beaches, GeSS Education is revolutionising the traditional learning pathways students can take to turn their dreams into reality.

Founded and managed by education industry icon Cristine Russell, a leader in her chosen profession with more than 20 years at the cutting edge of education, GeSS Education is the one-stop for local and international students who want a high-quality, on-line and face-to-face education experience of a lifetime.

Cristine Russell

Cristine Russell is the Founder and Managing Director of Global Educational Supplies and Services (GeSS Education).

Before establishing GeSS Education, Cristine spent 15 years in various roles including Director of Studies, Campus Manager, Campus Director, National Director of Studies, and General Manager of Operations and Academia for one of the largest education providers at that time. Cristine then spent 5 years with UOW Enterprises managing the University of Wollongong’s RTO and growing the college to include various diplomas in business, childcare, aged care, community services and nursing.

Most recently Cristine has been responsible for the management, implementation and monitoring of online programs to over 3,000 students; together with consultancy services to selected RTOs. 2020 marks Cristine’s 25th year in the education industry and Cristine is a strong advocate for lifelong learning that includes formal education and professional/personal development programs. Cristine herself holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Charles Sturt University; a Master of Education (Vocational Education and Training) from the University of Wollongong; an Associate Degree in Vocational Instruction from Griffith University and is a qualified vocational Trainer (Certificate IV in Training & Assessment). Cristine is an accomplished Education Director, Resource Developer, Compliance & LMS Specialist and is looking forward to imparting her vast experience and knowledge to improve the overall student’s experience with learning that focuses on their individual needs; whether it be online through the GeSS LMS or in-class at GeSS Education’s Campus at Australia Fair, Gold Coast.