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GeSS Education is at the forefront of addressing the pressing shortages of aged care workers in Australia.

Innovative in its approach to exporting education services, GeSS has designed a training program – Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing and Disability) – specifically for individuals overseas, in their home country, which is now being delivered in Papua New Guinea and India. This course uniquely positions participants for immediate employment in Australia.

What sets this initiative apart is GeSS Education’s collaboration with local learning institutions. GeSS crafted a comprehensive learning experience that combines the flexibility of online classes, delivered by Australian trainers, with hands-on practical sessions conducted in the students’ home countries.
This approach ensures a well-rounded education that aligns with Australian Quality Framework (AQF) standards. Students engage in work placements at government-approved hospitals, ensuring their successful qualification for employment in Australia, as well as the UK, and Canada upon program completion.

Adding a layer of practicality to this educational venture, GeSS Education has partnered with Health+ People, a leading Australian Recruitment Agency. This partnership aims to bridge the transition from education to employment for overseas-trained students. Through the Temporary Skilled Shortage Visa (Subclass 482), students will be able to secure sponsorship from Australian employers, paving the way for a two-year working pathway to Australian Permanent Residency.

Critical to the success of this venture is Health+ People’s approved employer status under the Pacific Australia Labor Mobility (PALM) scheme, and close cooperation with aged care facilities looking to employ through their own aged care industry Labour Agreements. These initiatives specifically address labour shortages and play a pivotal role in the overall strategy to provide sustainable solutions to workforce challenges in the aged care sector.

According to Oxana Reed, General Manager at Health+ People, GeSS Education’s international training program is a game-changer. “By aligning education with employment needs, we’re not only addressing shortages but pioneering a new era in aged care workforce solutions”, Oxana said. “This is particularly pressing, as the aged care industry is experiencing a continued growth, due to increases in Australia’s aging population. At this pace, according to CEDA, within the next decade there will be a shortage of 110,000 direct aged-care workers, and by 2050 more than 400,000 workers will be needed by the industry.

Presently, GeSS Education program boasts an enrollment of 85 students from Papua New Guinea and 250 from India, showcasing its immediate potential and future impact. Beyond the numbers, this initiative represents a paradigm shift in aged care provision.

Whilst this program is revolutionising the industry, this approach also has a powerful impact on its participants, with Praveen Thomas, graduating from the program in India stating:

“I am immensely grateful to GeSS Education for paving the way for my career in Australia. The support and guidance I received throughout the Certificate III course were instrumental in shaping my professional journey. The unexceptional assistance provided by the team has not only equipped me with the necessary skills but also instilled confidence in my abilities.’

Looking ahead, GeSS Education is actively exploring opportunities to extend its educational export services to the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, and Kenya. This expansion underscores a commitment to sharing successful models of training and addressing workforce shortages on a global scale.