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Challenges of the COVID 19 Virus

Like many small businesses and companies around the world, we are facing an unprecedented challenge at present due to the current COVID 19 virus. But being the eternal optimist and solutions based person that I am, my thoughts immediately turn to how can we fix this, how can we grow from this, how can we help with this. What will be our focus?

For our campus at the moment, with just being launched in January of this year, one would think that we are initially facing the thought that no advertising will work because everybody is focused on the Corona Virus, and that maybe we should just close for a couple of months and then get started once again. But we are lucky in that we started as a company producing quality compliant student resources and then developing them on to our own purpose built learning management system (GeSS LMS). We are already specialists in online learning. So even though the campus was built and launched to provide on-campus students, we have been able to continue to recruit students for online courses (domestic and off-shore) and we are fortunate to have a broad spectrum of courses that on-shore international students require at the moment to stay in Australia e.g. our banking services management, project management and our practice management. If they cannot come to campus because of the virus in the near future, that will not holt recruitment because we will allow them to start online studies at the beginning – until this virus passes. This is why we have chosen a different tact than to just close shop because of the virus. We have a large campus so can run small classes, following all the government’s recommendations of course. We will use this time to keep paying full wages, increase our LMS development, finalise all those administration jobs that seem to get parked on the shelf for later; continue with heavily marketing our campus, products and services and basically ‘do a spring clean and be prepared for the influx of students that will come to our campus once the virus is gone’. Let’s face it, this is not going to be the norm forever. They will find a cure and then a vaccine. That is inevitable.

When it comes to marketing and advertising, businesses should be using this time to focus on a captive audience as such. It is the perfect storm when it comes to people being forced to slow down, hibernate as such, watch TV, listen to radio, use social media – the list goes on AND encourage them to use this time to increase their skills, increase their knowledge and be prepared for the wave of work that will be available once this virus has run its course. We will use this time to let our audience know that we have this amazing campus at Australia Fair on the Gold Coast. Level 8 with a 250 square metre balcony overlooking the Broadwater and Marina Mirage, we have a great selection of courses available to students and we can offer online at the moment to both domestic and international students. We will also be introducing extended payment plans for domestic students, so as to decrease any financial burden at the moment.

Our main focus – let’s use this time to keep the positivity going, to keep people motivated to make the most of this time and to keep businesses going by trying to get the message out that we just use this time productively. Our mental health is as important as our economics – hope is essential. The future may seem uncertain for some at the moment but the future is still as bright as our dreams allow it to be.


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