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Christmas Greetings from the GeSS Education Team

Another year has swiftly passed, and typically, I would take a moment to reflect on our collective achievements. However, this year, I am inclined to revel in what truly makes being part of GeSS, whether as an employee or a student, so exceptional—its people. While many businesses boast about having the best team, in our case, it’s not mere rhetoric. The dedication exhibited by our team this year has been nothing short of remarkable.

The accomplishments listed below serve as evidence of their hard work, and I deeply appreciate the camaraderie and the warm, inviting atmosphere they foster on our campus. A special acknowledgment is also due to our dedicated team in India, whose tireless efforts contribute significantly to GeSS’s success now and into the future.

Highlights for 2023:

  • Enabling more than 300 High School students to achieve an ATAR score through undertaking a Diploma with us.
  • Launching our partnership with ERAM Technologies in Kerala India and seeing the sheer joy on the student faces when we visited them in September.
  • Witnessing Dean Clark receive the Equity Student of the Year Award at the Qld Training Awards.
  • Winning the Mayor’s Innovation Gold Coast Award – GCBEA.
  • Watching the Gaming computers being set up for our Esports inspired sports diploma.
  • Receiving the exciting news that Lucas, our Esports student, win the Olympic Esports Series ISSF Challenge in Singapore.
  • Welcoming our PNG students on campus and offshore and seeing the wonderful photos from Jenny & Denise when they visited the students in PNG recently.
  • Reading the heartwarming reviews on Google from our students both domestically and offshore.
  • My trip to India in September to interview more than 80 students on behalf of our esteemed partner, Health Plus People.
  • Participating in our on-campus meetings to nut out all of the behind-the-scenes processes that enable the smooth delivery of our programs. Witnessing the exceptional customer service provided by our team is truly impressive.
  • Confirming our fresh collaborations in India, Kenya, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, and China—every Zoom and team meeting contributes to the cultivation of lasting relationships and lays the groundwork for future initiatives.
  • Receiving confirmation of Susann Doherty’s return to GeSS as our Director of Employment & Pathways starting January 8th.

Certainly, there have been challenges along the way, but our resilience in overcoming them is a testament to the strength of our team. I extend my sincere gratitude to all our RTO partners, education agents, offshore partners, recruitment partners, and high school ILOs for their unwavering support to the GeSS team throughout 2023.

As we approach 2024, it appears to be shaping up as one of our most promising years yet. The prospect of welcoming our graduates into employment in Australia, expanding our programs to more high schools and countries, and continuing to support students in achieving their dreams is truly heartening.

Merry Xmas from the GeSS Education team and may you all have a happy and safe Xmas holiday.

See you in 2024!!!!!

Cristine Russell | Founder & Managing Director, GeSS Education