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Introduction to Esports

Esports (electronic sports) is a massive multi-billion-dollar industry, and is growing by the year.
Get an introduction to the Esports and gaming industry with this fundamentals introduction short course to give yourself a foundation to compete on a professional level or continue your studies onto university or different career pathways through a GeSS Education Diploma.

Esport career opportunities include:

Esports Coaching
Esports teams often have coaches who help players improve their skills and strategize for matches. If you’re interested in coaching, studying sports science, psychology, or education can help you develop the skills needed to coach an esports team. Opportunities to continue your study with a Diploma of Sport (Coaching) with GeSS Education.
Esports Technology
Esports relies heavily on technology, from gaming equipment to broadcasting software. Studying computer science or engineering can help you become an esports technology expert, working on developing new gaming hardware or improving streaming technology. Opportunities to continue your study with a Diploma of Information Technology with GeSS Education.
Esports Management and Marketing
Like traditional sports, esports requires a significant amount of management and marketing expertise. Studying business or sports management can help you gain the skills to manage esports teams, organize tournaments, and promote esports events. Opportunities to continue your study with a Diploma of Business or Diploma of Sport (Coaching) with GeSS Education.
Esports Journalism and Broadcasting
Just like any other sport, esports has its own news and broadcasting ecosystem. Studying journalism or communications can help you become an esports reporter or broadcaster, covering events and analysing gameplay. Opportunities for university pathways.
Game Design and Development
If you’re interested in creating the games that esports competitors play, studying game design and development could be a good fit. This could involve learning programming languages, game engines, and game design principles. Opportunities for university pathways.

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