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Esport is a “real sport”

GeSS Education is thrilled to announce its new sponsorship of esports on the Gold Coast. In fact, GeSS Education is now home to the new Fuse Esports Centre. We take great pride in our involvement with the esports community and are excited to support this rapidly growing industry.

At GeSS, we understand the significance of providing our students with an additional career option that aligns with their interests and passion. As the famous saying goes, “when you love what you do, it’s not work but a passion,” and for many young people, esports (gaming) is their passion. By introducing esports courses, we aim to inspire students to pursue a career in this field and equip them with the skills necessary to succeed. It is worth noting that professional gaming requires a significant amount of dedication, including physical fitness, healthy sleep patterns, and mental stamina, which we will cover in our courses. Our programs will provide students with insights into the comprehensive nature of this profession and enable them to develop critical business and life skills. Upon completing our courses, if students decide to explore other career pathways, they will have valuable skills that they can apply in various industries.


Esports has gained immense popularity as a recreational activity, attracting a wide range of participants, including children, teenagers, and adults. Moreover, it has emerged as a highly competitive field with lucrative career opportunities, where professional gamers participate in video game tournaments. Despite some scepticism about its status as a “real” sport, there are compelling reasons to recognise esports as a legitimate athletic pursuit. Firstly, esports involves competitive gaming in a highly intense environment, requiring players to demonstrate skill, strategy, and mental agility. Secondly, esports demands rigorous training and exceptional hand-eye coordination, similar to traditional sports. Lastly, the growth of esports has led to the development of a professional gaming industry, with attractive opportunities for players and stakeholders. Professional gamers must invest countless hours in practice and skill development to achieve success, much like traditional athletes. The best esports players exhibit a combination of natural talent, hard work, and discipline, just like their counterparts in conventional sports.

Top esports players can earn millions of dollars in prize money, and the most popular tournaments attract millions of viewers from around the world. The growth of esports has been truly phenomenal, with the industry projected to generate over $1.6 billion in revenue for 2023. It’s clear that esports is not just a passing fad, but a legitimate and rapidly growing industry.

GeSS takes great pride in providing courses that lead to meaningful employment and career opportunities for our students. We believe that it’s important to enable high school and international students to pursue their passions, which is why we have adapted our Sports Coaching and Sports Recreation Management programs to include an esports version. These courses will not only emphasize the importance of physical and mental fitness, nutrition, sleep habits, and endurance, but also teach valuable business skills such as marketing, management, brand promotion, and event organisation. Furthermore, students will have the opportunity to complete two customised esports short courses, designed exclusively for those who aspire to pursue a career in professional gaming.

Did you know? Esports has already been recognised as a legitimate sport by many institutions and organisations. In 2018, the International Olympic Committee acknowledged esports as a “sporting activity,” while several universities around the world now offer scholarships for esports players. Esports has also been added to the list of official sports for the 2022 Asian Games, further solidifying its status as a legitimate athletic pursuit.

In short, the legitimacy of esports as a real sport is justified by the tremendous level of skill and dedication required, the physical and mental demands it poses, its organised and competitive nature, and the recognition it has garnered from major organisations. With the rapid growth and evolution of the esports industry, it is evident that it is a legitimate and exciting addition to the world of sports. We are delighted to be at the forefront of aligning accredited training with esports and to offer our students a unique opportunity to pursue their passion while developing critical skills that will serve them well in their careers.

Big thank you to Ben Foster-Brown, CEO of TOC Australia, Brett Levy, Head of Esports, Sports Gold Coast, Daniel Russell, E-Learning/R&D Manager of GeSS Education, and Dan Martinez, COO of The FUSE Cup, for bringing this exciting opportunity to GeSS Education.  I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this joint project!!!

Come and join us at our joint launch on the 31st of May to see what all the fuss is about firsthand.

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