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Third Year Campus Anniversary

It feels like time is flying by and we can hardly believe that it’s already been three years since we opened our campus at Australia Fair. We have been very busy welcoming our new High School students as well as getting ready for our offshore in-country training programs to commence in 2 weeks’ time for PNG and India. We’re excited for what’s to come and eagerly anticipate celebrating the achievements of our graduates from their chosen courses at the end of 2023.

We’re still feeling proud and excited from winning the Gold Coast Business Excellence Award in November, and looking back, we believe that our motto truly embodies our business, our clients, our partners, and our students. Visitors often comment on the positive atmosphere and stunning campus and view at our College, but even more important than that, our motto of Respect, Integrity, and Compassion reflects the values that we impart to our team and students….

Respect refers to the act of treating someone or something with consideration and high regard. It involves recognizing and valuing the dignity and worth of all people, and treating them in a way that is appropriate and considerate of their feelings and needs.

Integrity refers to the quality of being honest, fair and upright. It involves being true to one’s values and principles, and adhering to moral and ethical standards. It also means being consistent in one’s actions and words, and taking responsibility for one’s decisions and behaviour.

Compassion refers to the act of showing empathy and concern for the suffering of others. It involves being sensitive to the needs of others and being willing to help alleviate their pain and suffering. Compassion also means being non-judgmental and understanding towards others, and having a genuine desire to improve their well-being.

When applied together, respect, integrity and compassion can help to create a culture of care, trust and kindness that can lead to better communication, better relationships, and better outcomes for all parties involved.

As a reminder, if you have any inquiries about our courses and programs or if you want to schedule a tour of our campus, please book online or contact us. Our team members will always be available to give you a tour or respond to your call, regardless of how busy we are.

Till next time, have a great year ahead!

Cristine Russell | Founder & Managing Director, GeSS Education

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